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The Madera County Agricultural Commissioner's office provides many programs to promote and protect the agricultural economy of Madera County, as well as that of the state. Most of these programs are highlighted below.

Pest Exclusion

Inspections provide protection from introduction of insect and disease pests that may be introduced into Madera County through the movement of plants and plant products.  This program also involves inspections of plant material being delivered to other states and countries.

Pest Detection

This program provides the second line of defense against exotic pests through the early detection of new introductions before they become widely established.  Traps are placed in primarily urban areas of Madera County to detect insect pests.

Pest Management

This program manages invasive pests that have become established despite the best efforts to keep them out of California.

Pesticide Use Enforcement

This program was developed to provide for the proper, safe, and effective use of pesticides and for protection of public health and safety.  It also protects the environment by prohibiting, regulating or ensuring proper stewardship of pesticides.

Nursery and Seed Inspection

Inspections of nursery stock are conducted to assure cleanliness from pests, true variety and vigorous-healthy plants.  Seed inspections are performed at the retail and wholesale establishments to ensure compliance with state requirements.

Fruit, Nuts and Vegetable Quality Control

This program ensures compliance regarding quality and marketing of all produce commercially grown and/or marketed in California.

Direct Marketing and Organic Enforcement

This program provides for local protection to growers, marketers and consumers.

Apiary Inspection

This program emphasizes the registration of Beekeepers that have hives located in Madera County. If requested, colony strength inspections are conducted.

Crop Statistics

Every year the county surveys growers for yield information to generate the Madera County Crop report. This report is a representation of Madera County agriculture and is seen by people and departments all over the state. The annual crop report is an important tool for tracking trends in the agricultural market, and is also essential in determining crop loss estimates attributed to weather related events.