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Apiary Services

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Bee Registration allows beekeepers to register their bees with the county for a fee of $10.00 annually. Registration provides the beekeeper notification when bee toxic materials will be applied within a one-mile radius of their hives. Utilization of this service can protect the beekeeper from large losses of bees due to pesticide use. Any application of a bee kill material must first be reported to our office to check for any bees in the area that may be potentially harmed by the application. The grower is then informed if there are any bees in the area, as well as who owns them. It is the responsibility of the grower to contact any nearby beekeepers and discuss mitigation measures to protect the bees.

Colony Strength Assessment provides a third party to appraise the strength of bee colonies. Colony strength is measured in the number of frames per hive in which bees are actively utilizing for the colony. Inspectors will randomly sample the hives based on the total number of hives to get an accurate average of frames per hive. This program charges a fee to the requesting party based on time to complete the inspections.