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Hints for Barking Dogs

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 Eliminating barking dog problems is time consuming and sometimes frustrating. You will succeed in time and find comfort in the fact that you are creating a better pet, improving your relationship with your neighbors, and setting a good example. Excessive barking is usually the result of dog confinement (not enough exercise), boredom, or improper restraint.

Barking Puppies

The best time to eliminate the barking dog problem is during puppy hood. Let your puppy sound his warning signals for one or two barks, then reassure him that everything is alright. He has done his job and you have responded in a positive manner. Give puppies lots of toys, lots of exercise, and lots of interaction with the family and they will grow up to be well socialized and well trained pets.

Continuous Barking Problems

If your dog barks excessively with or without something stimulating him/her, there are many was to correct the problem. You will need to try different approaches as not every dog responds the same to every correction.

  • Increase the area of confinement. Small kennels or short runners do not allow the dog to exercise or socialize. Dogs are social animals and need interaction with other living things.
  • Make sure your dog has access to food, water, and shelter at all times.
  • Give your dog lots of exercise every day. Spend time training, playing and interacting with your dog. Confined bored dogs bark, dig and chew.
  • Provide your pet with chew toys or other distractions to keep him/her occupied.
  • Spay or neuter your dog. This simple procedure greatly reduces aggression and frustration in your dog. Spaying or neutering also eliminates unwanted behaviors such as barking, fighting, escaping, and marking territory.
  • A verbal correction, a squirt of water from a squirt bottle, bark collars, and other corrective training can be effective in discouraging excessive barking.
  • Confine your animals inside your home, a well ventilated garage, shed or barn at night.
  • Put up barriers that prevent the dog from seeing things that stimulate him/her to bark.
  • Leave a radio or television on if dog is inside to sooth him/her and help keep them quiet.
  • Enlist the help of a professional dog trainer if applicable.
  • Have your dog checked annually by the veterinarian to eliminate health concerns that could be causing the dog to bark.

Allowing your dog to bark excessively is considered a nuisance under Madera County Code 6.04.410 and could result in a Violation Notice, a Citation, or abatement. Please help your dog be a good neighbor and better companion by reducing excessive barking.