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Assessment Appeals Board

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Assessment Appeals

If you feel that your property is worth less than the value assessed by the County Assessor, you can begin your application for assessment appeal here.  It is very important to understand the requirements of filing an appeal before you begin.

County of Madera Filing Fees:

 A Hearing Fee of $200.00 shall be submitted with every application, unless both conditions below are met:

  • The property is an owner-occupied single family dwelling with a homeowner’s exemption allowed in the year appealed
  • The applicant is the property owner and will be representing him/herself at the hearing. 

A Deposit of $500.00 shall be charged with applications requesting Written Findings of Facts.

For additional information pertaining to these fees, please see Madera County's Local Rules of Procedure

Make check/money order payable to: County of Madera.  Appeal Applications submitted without the Hearing Fee which do not meet the above criteria, will be returned unprocessed.

Filing Dates:

Regular Assessment

Must be filed between July 2 and November 30.  If the filing date of November 30 falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, an application that is mailed and postmarked by the next business day shall be deemed filed timely.  A copy of the tax bill is required with the submittal of the appeal application.

Supplemental, Roll Change, Escape or Penalty Assessments

Must be filed within 60 days after the mailing date printed on the Supplemental or Escape Notice or Tax Bill or the postmark date of the notice or tax bill, whichever is later.  A copy of the Supplemental or Escape Assessment notice or tax bill is required with the submittal of the appeal application.

Calamity Reassessment

Must be filed within 6 months of the date of the mailing of he assessment notice.  A copy of the notice is required with the submittal of the appeal application.

Please read the Local Rules of the Assessment Appeals Board before filing your appeal.

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