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Substance Use Disorders

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Alcohol and/or Drug Services

Questions and answers about seeking help for substance use disorders

For services call:  559.673.3508 or Toll Free 888.275.9779             Road to Recovery straight ahead     


How do I get started?

  • Call 559.673.3508 or Toll Free 888.275.9779 to schedule an appointment with a counselor for substance use disorders.
  • Prepare yourself for your appointment with a list of issues, concerns, or questions that you believe would be important to discuss.
  • Bring your social security card, Medi-Cal card, current address and phone number with you.  You will be seen regardless of your ability to pay.
  • If you are being referred by another agency, such as probation or child protective services, bring in that contact information also.
  • Show up to your scheduled appointment.  We want to help you find an appropriate course of action and treatment.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, call at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule or as soon as you can.

What kind of services are available from Behavioral Health?

Madera County Alcohol and Drug Programs offer outpatient prevention and treatment programs for adults and juveniles with substance abuse problems.  Services include individual, family, and group counseling.

Can I afford treatment?

Initial and on-going outpatient services for Medi-Cal beneficiaries are available .  If you do not have Medi-Cal, you may call to determine if you would qualify for initial and/or on-going services based on your gross income and number of dependents. 

Are there specific programs for women?

Yes, the Perinatal Substance Abuse Program provides services and support designed specifically for women and families affected by alcohol and/or drugs.  Per regulation, preference is given to:

  1. Pregnant women that are injection drug users.
  2. Pregnant women that are substance users.
  3. Parenting women that are injection drug users
  4. Parenting women that are substance users.

Can my children be taken away from me if I am receiving services from Behavioral Health?

Our goal is to provide services that will improve family stability.  Our agency does not have the authority to make such decisions, nor do we advocate for it unless the threat of immediate danger exists within the home.

If I receive services from Behavioral Health will my personal information be released to family, employers, schools or landlords?

Information about the services you receive from Behavioral Health cannot be released without your permission or unless a life is in immediate danger.

Is alcohol and/or drug addiction real?

Yes, alcohol or drug dependence can affect your ability to work or go to school, carry on daily activities and have satisfying relationships.  Much like other diseases, addiction can affect people from all economic, social, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.  Negative consequences due to substance abuse can lead to serious problems such as legal issues, destruction of family, loss of employment, loss of health, and even death.

Do people recover?

People can and do recover from addiction.  there are many different kinds of treatments, services, and supports that can help.  People who experience dependence can and do lead productive, engaged lives, but each road to recovery is different.