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 IMPORTANT DATES: California Child Support is Changing to the WAY2GO CARDS

March 23-April 3, 2020 Mailing of New EPC Cards,  April 22, 2020 First Deposit into accounts on the new EPC Cards, NO DEPOSITS, after this date for former EPPIC Cards and International Go Program Cardholders


You Are the Difference in Your Child's Future

The Child Support Program provides services to families to establish and enforce child support, paternity, and medical support orders. Madera County Department of Child Support Services is the local child support agency dedicated to protecting the rights of the custodial parent, the non-custodial parent, and their children while enforcing child support orders.

Commonly known as the DCSS, the Department of Child Support serves the public by ensuring that children receive the financial support to which they are legally entitled. The Department also serves taxpayers by helping families remain self-sufficient and recouping public assistance dollars from non-custodial parents.

Our agency is dedicated to providing quality and effective customer service. We are also committed to running a cost effective, professional program for the residents of Madera County.

Our Mission

Promote parental responsibility to enhance the well-being of children by providing child support services to establish parentage and collect child support.

Our Vision

All parents are engaged in supporting their Children

We Value

  • Children and Families
  • Delivering Excellent Customer Service
  • Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Integrity, Fairness and Respect
  • Professional and Ethical Conduct

Our Goals

  •  Establish paternity and child support orders maximizing    financial support for children
  •  Provide quality customer service
  •  Provide outreach and educational activities in order to build a   positive rapport with our community
  •  Maintain compliance with state and federal regulations
  •  Be cost effective

Child Support Payments

Information for Parents Making Child Support Payments

How will the implementation effect the parent making payments? Will my account receive credit for payments made by my employer? Can I still make my payment at my local child support office? For answers to these questions and more, click here.

Get Child Support Payments Your Way

New changes in Child Support Payment Distribution makes Electronic Pay Cards an easier way to receive your child support payments. For more information on this and other exciting payment options, click here.

Enroll Now for Direct Deposit

apply for direct deposit buttonCustodial Parents (CPs) can now apply for direct deposit.

Please note that the enrollment process requires you to provide your Social Security Number and Participant Id. Your Participant ID will be the same as you use with the Madera County Child Support Office.

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