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What Should I Expect

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  • Applications are available in our office or online by clicking the link open a case. Once submitted the office will review and begin the process for you. Open a case.
  • In- Office/Phone intake interview with both parents-Income, visitation, filing status obtained
  • Summons and Complaint filed with proposed child support amount
  • Parent served with documents have 30 days to respond
  • If the parent agrees to the proposed amount you can call/visit our office to sign a stipulation for judgment without going to court
  • If you do not agree fill out the answer (FL-610)
  • You have the right to request a court date
  • If paternity is at issue, you may request genetic testing at no cost to you
  • If the income is used is not correct, provide current check stubs or an income and expense declaration(FL-150) and we will do another calculation
  • Order is established by written stipulation, court hearing or by default
  • Billing is started based on the order established
  • Income withholding order is sent to parents employer for automatic withholdings
  • If no employer the parent is responsible for making the payment themselves monthly, before the 20th of the month. Interest accrues at 10% on any past due support
  • Non-payment results in negative actions such as driver's license suspension, Consumer Affairs occupational license revoked, fish and game license revoked, IRS and State income tax intercepted, negative credit reporting, passport denial, bank levies and possibly of jail time
  • Parents have the right to request a modification yearly or when circumstances change greatly
  • All public assistance cases are reviewed every 3 years
  • Compromise of arrears for those who qualify. To learn more contact Madera Child Support.