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Zoning Administrator

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The Zoning Administrator is the Planning Director or a member of the Planning Staff appointed by the Director. He is responsible for conducting public hearings (Zoning Administrator hearings) for zoning permits and assessing public comments for setback variances. Zoning Administrator hearings are conducted each Monday, at 9:00 a.m., in the Resource Management Agency. Applications considered by the Zoning Administrator require that a public notice be sent to surrounding property owners within 300 feet of the property in question (Zoning Ordinance Chapter 18.108). If a zoning permit or setback variance is approved, there is a fifteen (15) day appeal period. If the permit is appealed (in writing with appeal fee), the item is scheduled to be heard by the Planning Commission.

Zoning Permits

Most zone districts provide for three categories of land use: those allowed by right (no discretionary permits required); those allowed with a zoning permit (minor accessory uses requiring approval by the Zoning Administrator); and those allowed with a conditional use permit (more intensive uses requiring approval by the Planning Commission). Uses allowed with a zoning permit are typically minor accessory uses for a parcel such as a second dwelling unit, home occupation, or guest home. After applications for zoning permits are reviewed by staff and a public notice is published and circulated to surrounding property owners, the Planning Director or his designee holds a public hearing to evaluate and make a decision on the application. Applications may be approved, approved with conditions, or denied.

Setback Variance

The Zoning Ordinance specifies how close a structure can be built to the property lines. If the structure is to be built closer to the property line than Ordinance allows, an approved Setback Variance is required.

Required to be noticed to surrounding property owners for a 10 day public review and comment period. No public hearing is required.