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Correctional Community Transitional Program

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Correctional Community Transitional Program

Our mission, as part of CCTP, is to assist Madera County inmates and Madera County probationers in successfully reentering society. To accomplish this, our department provides numerous rehabilitative programs, vocational programs and services to county inmates to obtain a better job or career skills, education, life skills, and confidence, so they can succeed in their futures despite past obstacles. Evidence shows successful rehabilitation is good for communities in a multitude of ways, including a significant reduction in criminal recidivism. Below are programs that our department currently offers to the incarcerated population:




ACE Overcomers curriculums are being used in several county jails throughout California, treatment programs and rescue missions nationwide. 

The ACE Overcomers curriculum remediates the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) which are prevalent among incarcerated and previously incarcerated populations. Participants learn the science of trauma, steps to retrain the brain and reset the nervous system, and keys to self-awareness and self-regulation. This course improves the mental, emotional and physical health of the participants, and prepares them for success.


           Probation               PROBATION

The mission of the Madera County Probation Department is to encourage positive change in the lives of offenders through Collaborative Partnerships, Evidence Based Practices, and Corrective Services. Partnering with the Madera County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, each person is provided with a fair and equal opportunity of restoration towards health and a normal life through rehabilitation, educational programs, training and therapy. This program is designed to assist offenders with a successful transition from jail back into their communities. The program achieves this by encompassing a range of evidence based cognitive behavior classes and resources, which include parenting, anger management, personal skills development (Life Skills) education, substance use disorders, life and work instruction and work related programs. These powerful and effective programs aid clients in the preparation for community reintegration by empowering them with knowledge, self-confidence, self-worth and community resources. 


             Seri               SIERRA EDUCATION & RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SERI)

Sierra Education & Research Institute (SERI) is a non-profit agency that provides psychological services to forensic populations.  SERI provides 10-week psychoeducational classes for inmates in the Madera County Jail.  SERI provides psychoeducation focusing on topics such as communication, family systems, setting healthy boundaries, cognitive distortions, drug/alcohol addiction, and parenting.  In addition, the instructors provide individual therapy to inmates who desire a higher level of treatment.  These individual therapy sessions allow inmates to have one-on-one treatment with a trained clinician.  These sessions reinforce the skills learned in the psychoeducational classes.  The goals of these classes and individual therapy sessions are to teach inmates positive coping skills so they can improve their lives and to reduce recidivism.




GRID Alternatives mission is to make renewable energy technology and training available to underserved communities. GRID recognizes that successful offender reentry depends on access to services that address underlying social problems contributing to criminal behavior. The challenge of how to prepare returning citizens for successful reentry, has been a focus of GRID Central Valley’s training program for the past five years. Through GRID’s solar installation training, individuals, having been previously incarcerated, are gaining hands-on experience, empowering them to take initiative enhancing their quality of life. GRID’s solar training is an introduction course consisting of classroom instruction with hands-on onsite training labs. Each forty hour class trains up to ten participants, running two hours per day, five days a week. Participants install solar system components on mock rooftops, learn techniques of installing different types of inverters, both micro and centralized, and gain a firm understanding of wire code and required techniques. Upon successful completion of the hands-on training program, participants will be prepared with the necessary knowledge to install photovoltaic systems adhering to all safety requirements.

For trainees looking to continue their training to become Entry Level Solar Installers are offered the opportunity to join GRID Alternatives industry recognized five week “Installation Basics Training course” helping to ensure positive employment outcomes for entry level solar installers. Graduates have successfully grown their technical skills sets, to “speak louder than their backgrounds,” increasing their quality of living by obtaining gainful living wage employment in the solar industry. 


           WF         WORKFORCE

Workforce’s vision is to establish innovative collaborations that inspire success and support an environment conducive to economic development while providing opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth that can build a vibrant economy through increased employment opportunities. In partnering with the Madera County Department of Corrections, a workshop curriculum taught by a career specialist, is offered to qualifying participants as part of a second chance and a better choice. The topics range from transition planning, career research, labor market information, job search and resource planning, building networks and effective interviewing. By the end of the class the participants compile an employment portfolio that they may use to gain employment. Periodically an in-house job and resource fair is offered to the sentenced population that is near to their release date. If further employment and or job searches are required, individuals may stop by the Madera County Workforce to receive additional assistance. 


     in2work  IN2WORK Program


The IN2WORK Program is designed to provide offenders with food service training and practical work experience. Teaching them the necessary tools that will help better their everyday life. 

The program includes formal vocational training in both the classroom and the kitchen, to include hands-on work experience. Kitchen basics designed to build upon skills taught and introduction to food safety concepts that are presented in the serve safe certification program. Participants have the ability to earn a serve safe certification that is valid for 3 years. Progress checks and tests measure their comprehension and help track the program successes. 



     Edovo          EDOVO

Edovo utilizes secure tablet technology to deliver free access to educational programming at the Madera County Department of Corrections. We provide a comprehensive suite of digital education, helping meet the range of needs of the incarcerated population’s education, language, and literacy levels. Edovo boasts over 20,000 hours of substantive material, including a differentiated literacy platform, thousands of hours of books and videos, GED prep courses, and much more!

Preparation for Reentry: Edovo delivers a wide range of vocational preparation to help prepare for a successful reentry, including career exploration, job skill training, vocational certifications, resume building, and interview preparation.

Opportunities for Self-Improvement: Our platform helps provide opportunities for personal development through video-based life skills and treatment courses. We have worked with nationally recognized content partners to provide our users with access to programming in a variety of areas, including substance abuse treatment, health literacy, anger management, cognitive behavioral therapy, parenting while incarcerated, meditation, and emotional development.

Driving More Engagement: Edovo believes a truly impactful tablet program requires free and continuous access, irrespective of inmates’ ability to pay or socioeconomic status. We reward time spent on educational programming with points that can be used on entertainment rewards like movies, music, and games. This unique learn-to-earn model helps learners stay engaged and make tangible progress toward self-improvement.

Edovo’s mission is to help everyone connected to incarceration build better lives. We deliver correctional education and communication solutions at jails and prisons nationwide. For more information about our services, visit us at


             wellpath 2               WELLPATH    

“Wellpath serves the Madera County Department of Corrections & Juvenile Detention Facilities as the premier provider of medical and mental healthcare services. Our services include 24/7 onsite nursing staff, 24/7 on-call providers, 24/7 emergency services, mental health services, crisis intervention, pharmaceutical services and dental care. We also collaborate with many community partners and offsite providers for patients who need additional assistance or services outside of the facilities.

Wellpath is the nation’s leading provider of medical and behavioral healthcare in jails, prisons, and inpatient and residential facilities. We deliver high-quality, compassionate care to more 300,000 patients each day and employ nearly 16,000 professionals in 532 facilities in 33 states and Australia. Everything we do is about taking care of people. For more information, visit”



Convened in 2017 Madera County Veterans Treatment Court aims to target eligible veterans and find the root causes of veterans' criminal behavior which may stem from unique mental health conditions or readjustment issues from military service. The goal of this court is to resolve criminal cases through treatment and support. Veterans take part in a program tailored to address their needs that promotes sobriety, recovery and stability. As part of the program, participants meet frequently with a judicial officer, other veterans, treatment providers, mentors, and support teams. Thus returning the veterans to productive law-abiding citizens within the community and reducing costs associated with recidivism.



         dscc2            Department of Child Support Services (DCSS)

The Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), in partnership with the Madera County Department of Corrections (MCDOC), is proud to offer educational services pertaining to child support policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Clients are informed of the legal process to obtain a child support order and are advised of their rights to file a dispute and/or request genetic testing. If the period of incarceration is greater than 90 days, clients should notify the child support agency and the office will assist in reducing his/her court ordered child support amount to zero dollars. Upon their custodial release, clients are encouraged to contact their local child support agency, request a release of their driver’s license, and attain referrals to employment and other resource providers.  For customer convenience, a kiosk that accepts child support payments is located in the Madera County Department of Corrections lobby and is available for use 7 days per week, during business hours. 




The Chaplain Services Program was established and is maintained to provide inmates with their constitutional right to practice their legitimate religion.  The Facility Chaplain is responsible for coordinating all religious activities within the facility ensuring that the religious needs of the inmates are met.  The Chaplain provides liaison with the various religious denominations arranging pastoral visits as necessary and supervises religious volunteers in providing services and counseling throughout the facility.  

The Chaplain Service Program gives inmates the opportunity to attend weekly Chapel Services, receive a Bible, do personal Bible Study courses with Award Bible and Certificate incentives. The Facility Chaplain provides one-on-one counseling for various spiritual and emotional topics.  He makes hospital visits, death notifications or other family tragedies and offers immediate and extended grief counseling.  He guides in group prayers, offers one on one prayers, and performs invocations or benedictions at special events and ceremonies. 

Chaplain’s services include assisting inmates with securing court ordered recovery programs working with faith based organizations.  The Chaplain supplies reading glasses and maintains a library of both secular and spiritual books for the inmates.   

For many inmates, a stay at the MCDOC is not an arrest but it is a rescue. It is an opportunity to receive spiritual guidance that adds a new perspective and a new start to their lives.        



·         Jehovah Witnesses

·         Catholic Services

·         Protestant Services

·         Narcotics Anonymous

·         Celebrate Recovery