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Visiting Information

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 Attention: Public notice for all visitors due to the COVID-19 virus



On-site visitation is held 7 days a week

·      Visitation is conducted through the Home Wav video visitation platform

·      All visitors are required to create an account on the Home Wav website

·      On-site visitations can be scheduled 24 hours in advance pending visitor approval.

  • Visitors are responsible for scheduling visits.

·      During the visit the visitor and the inmate must be logged in under their individual credentials.

  • No sharing visits by visitors or inmates

·      On-site visitation can be scheduled in the front lobby


 Required Identification:       

·      A valid photo identification must be presented when signing up to visit an inmate

·      Valid forms of identification include:

  • Driver’s license
  • California ID card
  • Military ID
  • High school or college ID (if actively attending either)
  • Passport
  • Foreign consulate picture ID card


Visiting hours:

1st Session (8:30 – 11:00 AM):

  • Registration begins at 8:00 AM

2nd Session (1:30 – 2:30 PM):

  • Registration begins at 12:30 PM

3rd Session (3:30 – 4:30 PM):

  • Registration begins at 2:30 PM

Visiting rules:

1.     No cameras, cell phones or recording devices are allowed in the visiting area.

2.     Provocative dress and clothing items with suggestive, obscene, or inflammatory monograms which would disrupt the security and order of the facility will not be permitted.

3.     All visitors are subject to warrant checks and may be searched for contraband.

4.     No gum, candy, drinks, or food items are allowed in the visitation area.

5.     Inmates are allowed two (2) thirty minute visits per week.

6.     All inmates have the right to refuse a visit.

7.     Visitors must be on the inmate’s approved visiting list.

8.     The maximum number of visitors (adult and/or child) that may visit an inmate   at the same time is two (2).

9.     If you are unable to make your scheduled visit time and no contact is made with the facility, your visit will be cancelled and count as a scheduled visit.

10. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

11. Minor children must be attended to by their accompanying adult at all times and must not be left alone anywhere or anytime on the grounds of the visitation area.

12. Visitors who are unwilling or unable to control their minor children while in the visitation area will not be allowed to visit and/or may have their visit terminated.

13. Visitors and inmates are expected to be courteous to other visitors and staff. Visitors who are disruptive and or abusive to staff or who otherwise violate visitation rules may have their visitation suspended or revoked.

14. Visitors must conduct themselves in an orderly manner. Persons who are unruly and/or believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will have their visitation terminated.

15.  Inappropriate sexual gestures or inappropriate behaviors from visitors will result in the termination of the visit and will result in the suspension/revocation of visitation privileges.

16. The use of profane or offensive language will not be allowed. Any actions by a visitor deemed disruptive, offensive, or violent will cause the visit to be terminated and may result in their visitation being suspended or revoked.

17. Visitors caught abusing equipment or any part of the visitation area will have their visit cancelled and all future visitation revoked.

18.  Defacing the visitation area is prohibited and may result in criminal prosecution.

19. Following the completion of a visitation session, visitors must promptly depart the visitation area.

20. The Madera County Department of Corrections is not responsible for items left in the lobby.

Off-site visitation

· / 844-394-6639

·      All visiting rules apply

·      Off-Site visits are a privilege

·      Visitors are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle during off-site visitation


By using the Madera County Department of Corrections video visitation equipment, you are subject to recording and monitoring