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This office records documents and files maps, and maintains cross-reference indices to these records. Documentary transfer tax is collected on transfers of real property. Types of records which are typically recorded include:

  • Real property records – deeds, leases, notices of completion
  • Financing documents – trust deeds, notices of default, reconveyances, financing statements
  • Maps – subdivisions, parcel maps, surveys
  • Mining claim records – notices of location, proofs of labor
  • Military discharge papers
  • Declarations of homestead
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Tax Liens - County, State, Federal

Recorded documents are microfilmed as a permanent record, and have been electronically imaged since November, 1999. The original document (with the exception of birth, death and marriage records) is returned to the customer after filming. Certain filed documents are retained for a specified length of time, or kept permanently, as in the case of maps.

All records are indexed by the names of the principal parties to the document and by the year recorded. Recorded documents are open for public inspection; copies may be purchased at this office.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Recorder personnel are forbidden by California legal codes to practice law, which includes advising what forms are needed, how to fill them out, or giving any other legal advice.

Certified copies of vital records (birth, death and marriage) are available for purchase. Beginning July 1, 2003, state law allows only certain authorized Individuals to purchase an “authorized” certified copy.

For specific information, contact the Recorder’s office at 559-675-7724.