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Recording and Vital Records Fees

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Recording Fees

First Page (Limited to 8 ½”x11”) $14.00
Each additional page or fraction of a page $3.00
 Building Homes and Jobs Act Fee ("Housing Fee")

$75.00 fee charged on every document UNLESS: exempt from recording fees; recorded in connection with a transaction subject to Documentary Transfer Tax; recorded in connection with a transfer of a residential dwelling to an owner-occupier; executed or recorded by the Federal government (tax liens/releases), or State, county or other municipality of the State; cap of $225.00 has been met on concurrent, related documents for the same property; unrelated to real property (bonds).

Exemptions must be cited on documents received from private entities.  For more information, please refer to Legislative Changes.  For your convenience, you may attach a cover page to cite your exemption.

$75.00 up to


per document

*Please note there will be a penalty of $3 per page of a document if any page of the document is less than or more than 8 ½ x 11.

Combined Documents
When two or more documents are serially incorporated into one form they will be considered as two or more separate documents. A recording fee of $14 will be charged for the first page and $3 for each additional page plus $14 for each additional title.

Other Fees

Release of Federal Tax Liens $14.00

Release of State, County, or City Liens

*Fee will increase to $20.00 effective January 1, 2020 pursuant to SB 780 (2019) - See Legislative Changes


 Map Filing/Recording Fee - first page

Maps are subject to the Housing Fee (see above).  The county recorder shall have not more than 10 days within which to examine a final or parcel map and either accept or reject it for filing.  GC 66466(a)

Maps of districts (assessment, community facility districts, etc.) are subject to filing fees as provided under Streets and Highway Code 3116 - fees will not be waived for local government entities.



 Map - each additional page

Preliminary Change of Ownership Report Penalty (PCOR)
Flat fee authorized when document evidencing a change in ownership is recorded without an accompanying PCOR.
Involuntary Lien Notification Fee for Abstracts of Judgments and Mechanic Liens
Per Debtor
Filing of Preliminary 20-Day Notice $40.00
Documents Requiring Additional Indexing
Each reference to a previously recorded document that gives names other than the first reference, if the additional reference requires indexing.
Indexing of More than Ten Names
Each group of ten names or fractional portion thereof after the initial group of ten names.

Financing Statements UCC-1
(timber to be cut, minerals (as extracted) and fixtures) 1 or 2 pages $10.00 3 or more pages $20.00. UCC-3 same fees as UCC-1.

*Subject to Housing Fee above.

$10.00/ 1-2 pages*

$20.00/ 3 or more pages*


First Page - Official Recorder
(Each additional page attached to the same document $ 1.00)

Map Copy

One free copy of recorded map may be provided to Surveyor of record upon request at the time of recordation

11 x 17 inch print

18 x 26 inch print

Digital copy (TIFF or PDF)



$2.00 per page

$5.00 per page

$5.00 per page

Certification per document $2.00
CD Extract of recorded images  $25.00 per CD

Vital Records - Certified Copy

Birth $25.00
Death $21.00
Marriage $15.00

 Search - No Record Found

If a search is performed and no record is found, a Certificate of No Public Record will be issued for the same fee of the type of record requested.  This fee is mandated by Health and Safety Code Sections 103625 and 103650.  Failure to collect these fees is a violation of the law as described in Government Code Section 6100.