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RealID and Vital Records

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Effective October 1, 2021 (previously October 1, 2020) there will be a new federal law (REAL ID Act) regarding driving licenses that may affect many individuals.  DMV and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) officials recommend that all individuals review the requirements to obtain a Real ID driving license.  The requirements may include obtaining a copy of your birth and/or marriage certificate AND possibly amending these records for accuracy.

When purchasing a marriage license, you must indicate your current legal name.  This name should be reflected on your birth certificate or ID/Driver license.  Any discrepancy should be supported with a court order name change, marriage certificate, divorce order, or naturalization record.  To avoid future amendments or delays, you may wish to obtain these records and bring them with you at the time you purchase your marriage license.  Your marriage certificate will be used as supporting documentation when obtaining a Real ID.  (Assumed names or nicknames cannot be listed on the official marriage record unless added on amendment.) 

You may apply for your birth or marriage record online:

For more information on the Real ID visit the DMV website

For more information on amending vital records visit the CDPH website