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What does the DA do?  You might be surprised


Mission Statement  

District Attorney Sally O. Moreno is the chief law enforcement official in Madera County . The Madera County District Attorney's office is committed to serving the public in the pursuit of truth and justice, through the vigorous prosecution of those who violate the law, while protecting the rights of victims.


The following are the core values we adhere to:


We are responsible for the highest standard of integrity in professional and personal conduct.

Advocacy for Victims

We have compassion for, and preserve the dignity and rights of all victims and their families.


We promote strong partnerships with all law enforcement agencies, members of the criminal justice system, and the community.


We are aware that our actions and decisions affect people's lives. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for doing what is right.


We treat others with courtesy and respect.


We work together to achieve our mission. We strive to be open, honest, straightforward, and consistent in our interactions.


We support continuous improvement.