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Enterprise System Catalog

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What Enterprise are covered by the system S-272

Governor 6270.5 part to Brown today approved SB 272 in October 2015, the California Public Records Act ( "Act" Government Code section 6250627648). Section 6270.5 is a software program or computer system that collects, stores, reports an enterprise system as the exchange and analysis of information that the agency uses , that (1) a multi-departmental system or system, that public and (2) contains collected information about the system of record . Record of a system of means is a system serves as a real source of data within an agency that . Was clear, SB 272 multi-departmental system or website real record store and your agency is publicLocal institutions need to make a list of the system to keep information about the catalog post .

Which systems are out

Enterprise systems include cyber security systems, infrastructure and mechanical control system, or, would reveal that information vulnerabilities that, or more, increases the possibility of an attack on a public agency's IT system . In addition, section 6270.5 disclose collect this system, store, exchange or analysis, however, especially the records still managed to disclose such records related to application of the Act that is is not required.