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Extreme Heat

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Madera County is home to a long summer season with beautiful sunny days and sometimes extreme summer heat.  Help protect yourself and your family by keeping informed of ways to beat the heat:   

Heat Safety Tips 

  • Never leave infants, children or pets unattended in your vehicle, not even for a moment.  
  • Outdoor workers require special precautions during excessive heat conditions; employers must follow California’s heat illness prevention regulations. Read more
  • Children up to age 4, people taking certain medications, persons with disabilities, and seniors age 65 and over are particularly less able to cope with hotter weather and should be monitored throughout the day for signs of heat-related illness.
  • Regardless of your activity level, drink more fluids —especially water—and more than you think you need. Your body needs water for many crucial functions and dehydration can lead to serious health effects.
  • Make sure clothing is lightweight and comfortable and—if you’re planning to be outdoors—avoid the hottest parts of the day by scheduling activities during cooler hours (generally mornings and evenings). Also, be sure to wear a hat and use sunscreen because sunburn affects the body's ability to cool itself.

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Madera County Cooling Centers (open during times of extreme heat)

The following locations operate as Cooling Centers during times of extreme heat. Other centers may be opened on an "as needed" basis and are announced through the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services.  Cooling Centers are closed on holidays unless otherwise indicated.  For special needs or more information, call the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services (559) 675-7770. 

 Name  Address  Phone
 Chowchilla Police Department, outer lobby 122 Trinity Avenue, Chowchilla  (559) 665-8600
 John C. Wells, Youth Center Gym  701 E. 5th Street, Madera (M-F, 8-8)  
 Sheriff's Office, Headquarters  2725 Falcon Drive, Madera  (559) 675-7770
 Sheriff's Office, Oakhurst Substation  48267 Liberty Drive, Oakhurst  (559) 658-2555