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HIV/AIDS Program

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Aids red ribbonsThe Ribbon Project

The red ribbon demonstrates compassion for people with AIDS and their caretakers, and support for education and research leading to effective treatments, vaccines or a cure. It serves as a constant reminder of the many people suffering as a result of this disease, and of the many people working toward a cure.


Ryan White Title II CARE Services - Servicing Madera County Residents

Ryan White CARE Act (Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency): Passed in 1990 to provide services for persons with HIV infection, this act seeks "to improve the quality of care for individuals and families with HIV disease." It provides financial assistance for improved care and support services and early care services. In Madera County the following services are available as funding allows.

For more information or to apply call 559-675-7893 and ask for HIV Services.  All services are free.

  • Bilingual services
  • Case management
  • Emergency food & housing assistance, transportation
  • Lab tests
  • Limited medical treatment
  • Monthly support group meeting
  • Nutritional assessments and counseling
  • Public benefits assistance
  • Referrals: medical, dental, legal, mental health, substance abuse, religious/spiritual, hospice & end-of-life services 

AIDS Drug Assistance Program - ADAP

Madera County Public Health Department is the enrollment site for ADAP in Madera County. The purpose of the program is to purchase HIV related formulary drugs which cannot be paid for through other sources (Medi-Cal, private insurance, prepaid plans, or other state or local plans.)

ADAP is the payer of last resort.

Those eligible for ADAP:

  • are HIV infected
  • have an annual federal adjusted gross income below $50,000
  • are not covered by/eligible for Medi-Cal or other third-party payor
  • are a resident of California
  • 18 years of age or older
  • have a valid prescription from a California licensed physician

There is a copayment obligation if annual federal adjusted gross income is between 400% of federal poverty level and $50.000.  Those with a federal adjusted gross income below 400% of federal poverty level receive the drugs free of charge. For more information or to apply call 559-675-7893 or 800-427-6897


In the state of California AIDS is a reportable Communicable Disease and by law must be reported to the local health jurisdiction. Madera County Public Health Department is the local health jurisdiction in Madera County. Staff works with local hospitals, physicians, clinics, state and local correctional facilities to comply with AIDS case reporting. All information collected is confidential and information released in statistics only include demographics, age, ethnicity, sex, and risk factor(s). For an update of Madera County cases call 559-675-7893 or 800-427-6897 or check this web site.

AIDS Resources

Telephone Hotlines

  • National AIDS: 800-342-2437
  • Spanish AIDS: 800-344-7432
  • Indian AIDS: 800-283-2437
  • Deaf AIDS: 800-243-7889
  • National STD: 800-227-9822
  • AIDS Clinical Trials: 800-874-2572

Information for Clinicians