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Community Outreach

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Child Protection Services

The Madera County Sheriff's Office believes that educating children about dangers they may face is important. Our central safety efforts are built upon on-site child lectures and presentations. Every year we provide information and have contact with children at schools and County Fairs.

Teach the following tips to your child:

  1. Teach your child, to never respond to strangers. Strangers will do almost anything to entice children in an effort to lure them away. Strangers may offer gifts like candy, perhaps a kitten or puppy, or even offer your child a ride to go some place exciting. Tell them to say "No!" no matter what.
  2. If someone tries to grab your child, teach them to scream and shout for help.
  3. Prepare your child to act if you should become separated in a store. Tell them to go directly to a store cashier and tell that person you lost your Mom or Dad. Make sure your children understand that the best way to find them is if they stay in one area, "Don't Wander Around!"
  4. Tell your children why it’s important that they share secrets with their parents, especially when threatened by someone who tells them that if they tell, harm will come to a sibling, a parent or their pet. Let your child know that it’s okay to share secrets with you. Remind them that people can not hurt their siblings, parents or their pets when they tell their Mom and Dad secrets.
  5. A child should know that if someone does something that makes them feel uncomfortable or ashamed that it’s safe to tell a parent.
  6. Finally, even if you have discussed these things with your child, they need to be reminded regularly so they never forget basic tips designed to keep them safe.

Practicing and reminding your child of these things will keep them aware and prepared.


McGruffThe Madera County Sheriff's Office also supports McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog, to foster awareness among children. McGruff is often the featured guest at schools and local public events to stress safety facts. He is always escorted by one of our Community Service Officers. The CSO staff is a critical component of the Madera County Sheriff's Department. They regularly visit neighborhood schools and day care centers teaching all aspects of important tips when it comes to the safety and welfare of Madera County's youth.

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