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SWAT Briefing 

Madera County’s Regional S.W.A.T (Special Weapons And Tactics) Team is a multi-agency team comprised of sworn personnel drawn from local law enforcement agencies in Madera County, which include: Madera County Sheriff’s Department, Madera Police Department and Chowchilla Police Department. The three departments created the Madera County Regional SWAT team in 2001. 

 SWAT in the Rain

The Madera County Regional SWAT Team has 21 members: 11 Deputies from the Madera County Sheriff’s Department, 8 Officers from the Madera Police Department and 2 Officers from the Chowchilla Police Department. The team also consists of tactical operators, snipers, tactical medics as well as a volunteer trauma physician. 

SWAT Shield

Madera County’s Regional SWAT Team responds to a variety of calls ranging from armed suspects, armed barricaded suspects, hostage rescue and any situation that potentially requires the S.W.A.T teams specialized operational skills. The Madera Regional SWAT Team trains and cross trains monthly to make sure its members maintain proficiency in Special Weapons And Tactics, which include: Entry, Breaching, Distraction device operations, Precision rifle, and Deployment of chemical munitions. 

The Regional SWAT team operates under the guidance of the Madera County Sheriff’s Department.