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Join SAR

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 Sheriff’s SAR is always looking for new volunteers. Sheriff’s SAR hosts the Basic SAR Academy on even numbered years starting in January.

 In order to join the team, applicants have to pass a background check with no major criminal convictions. After background checks, the Sheriff’s Office trains to the standards put out by the California Office of Emergency Services. The basic SAR Academy Class is about six months long held on even numbered years from January to May. Classes are held on Saturdays and Wednesday Nights.

Specialty Teams 

After completing the basic academy, you will be able to join specialty teams with Search and Rescue (SAR).

  • · Type 1 Ground Searcher (Elevation 7000+ Ft)
  • · Type 2 Ground Searcher (Elevations 7000 Ft to 3000 Ft)
  • · Type 3 Ground Searcher (Elevation - 3000 Ft to 0 Ft)
  • · Type 4 Ground Searcher (Urban Setting)
  • · 4X4 Team
  • · Overhead Team
  • · K-9 Team
  • · Operation Lost and Found Team
  • · Logistics Team
  • · Snowmobile Team
  • · Technical Rope/Swift Water Team
  • · OHV Team

Time Commitment 

The team trains on a regular basis. The required team training is quarterly. Each quarterly training session is about six hours. Those trainings focus on perishable skills such as map reading, GPS, First Aid and CPR. Specialty teams with in SAR have additional training. Each specialty team has their own training requirements but on average each specialty team trains each month from three to six hours.