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The Department of Social Services is one of the largest Departments in the County responsible for administering numerous programs aimed at meeting the needs of our community. As you review the information on this site describing our programs, hopefully you will come away with an understanding of the breadth of services available, the points of contact for requesting information, and the method for applying for or receiving services for you, your family or community member. 1626

The Department of Social Services is committed to providing quality services in a timely manner. As you review our material or access our services, your feedback on improving services is always welcome. Thank you.

Deborah Martinez
Director of Social Services
Public Guardian
Madera County

Mission Statement

The Department of Social Services, in partnership with other agencies, volunteer organizations, and local businesses, promotes and safeguards the well being of our community by:

  • Strengthening, empowering, and preserving the dignity of individuals and families.
  • Offering services to protect children, elders and dependent adults.
  • Providing quality services and supporting our clients in achieving self-sufficiency.
  • Delivering services in a respectful and effective manner by utilizing all available resources.
  • Encouraging staff as they continue striving to maintain professionalism, excellence and integrity