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Employment Services (Welfare-to-Work)

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CalWORKs recipients between the ages of 18 and 60 are required to participate in the Employment Services (Welfare to Work) program unless they are exempt from work requirements. The goal is to assist parents to obtain employment through job readiness and job search activities and other employment-directed activities. Supportive services, such as childcare, transportation payments and/or work related expenses, are available to those who participate in Employment Services (Welfare to Work). Referral services are also available to address barriers that can prevent successful employment such as substance abuse, domestic violence, or legal and mental health issues.

Employment Services (Welfare to Work) Activities

• Unsubsidized employment
• Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE)
• Education
• Job search classes
• HiSET/GED classes
• Vocational training
• Unpaid work experience
• Career Club
• Behavioral health services (Mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence)

Partner Agencies

Madera County Department of Social Services works closely with the following partners. For more information on the services provided by each partner please visit their website.

Madera County Workforce Investment Corporation

The Madera County Workforce Investment Board is able to assist with employment and training needs. If you need assistance in finding employment with your current skills and abilities we have many services that can help with your job search. If you are interested in learning a new occupation or would like to upgrade your current job skills, our training services may be available to you through our local eligible training providers, on the job training, or other options such training through the community college system.

Our Career Specialists will help identify your skills, career interests, and abilities. Together, we can help identify a career path to improve your employment opportunities. Please call or visit us at the Workforce Assistance Center today!

Madera Community College Center

Student success is the focus of the Madera Community College Center with comprehensive, innovative programs in transfer/general education, occupational education, and developmental education. Distance learning courses also are a priority, providing online courses and linking the Madera Community College Center with other District sites. The campus will develop over several years to serve a diverse student body and be the core of a 1,867-acre mixed-use community.

Madera Adult School

For more than 25 years, Madera Adult School (MAS) has provided programs and services to meet the diverse needs of adults in our learning community. Our school's Mission Statement is to provide students with lifelong learning skills to achieve their educational, career, and personal goals by developing respect, responsibility, and accountability; thus empowering our students to transition into the workforce and become contributing citizens of a global community.

Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines


Supervised Job Search

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