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Frequently Asked Questions

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What benefits are available?

Depending on when you served in the military your benefits may vary. There are several programs designed for the disabled veteran who served during a war time period, but did not have any service connected disabilities. These include monthly monetary benefits, hospitalization, and outpatient medical care.

I was not injured in the service, am I eligible for any benefits?

You may be eligible depending on when you served for a non-service connected pension program for you and your family depending on need. You may also be eligible for medical care, GI home loan, etc.

Are there non-service connected pension payments for veterans of a war time era?

This program will depend on the veteran being totally disabled and also on the amount of income the veteran currently has.

Are there educational/school benefits for veterans and their dependents?

If you paid into the educational program you have 10 years from discharge to use your GI Bill benefits. Your children may also be eligible to go to college in California if you have any verifiable disabilities from the service which may be as small as a scar from surgery, wounds, from combat, etc.

Are there any Life Insurance benefits?

There may be, depending on how long you have been out of the service or if you now have a service connected disability. There are time limits on both programs - for details, contact the Madera County Veterans' Service Department.

Can I receive medical benefits although I only served for a short period of time in the service?

Yes, if you served 24 months or more since September 7, 1980, or if you were released from the service with a medical disability or for medical reasons. Prior to September 7, 1980, you only had to have days in the service for treatment, however; all medical treatment is based on having other than dishonorable service.

Am I eligible for burial benefits?

All veterans who have other than dishonorable service are eligible for burial in a National Cemetery, a grave marker (headstone) and a US Flag for the next of kin.

How do I order the presidential memorial certificate?

The certificate can be ordered online or by contacting the Madera County Veterans' Service Department.

How many times can I use my GI home loan?

As long as your home loan was paid off, as many times as you need it.

Is there compensation for disability injuries incurred in the service?

Assistance can be provided to assist you develop your claim for these injuries regardless of how long you have been out of the service.

Is there any assistance for having your Discharge upgraded?

Assistance can be provided to assist veterans in obtaining military records to support their claim for discharge upgrade and submission of same.

Do I have any benefits if I lost a son or daughter in the service?

Depending on income, as a surviving parent, you may be eligible for compensation.

My father was in the service, do I have any benefits?

Depending on whether the veteran incurred an injury or illness in the service could provide monthly payments for children under age 18 or under the age of 22 still in school. Also, child may have tuition free college in California available, depending on income.

Are there employment programs for veterans?

Our office can refer you for employment assistance for veterans.

How do I get help filing a claim for Post-Traumatic Stress related problems?

Trained personnel are available to assist the veteran in developing a claim and obtaining treatment for same through our office.